Big Things are Coming!

If you’re one of our regular customers, you’ve likely noticed that a lot of things have been changing in our physical store lately.

As part of our commitment to innovation and to your most vibrant health, we will, very soon! be offering many more products and much more variety in certain areas of our shop.

Of course, more products require more space. That’s why you see all the construction paraphernalia (aka ‘stuff’) around! We’re expanding! We thank you for your patience and we’re trying to make things as ‘friendly’ for you in the meantime.

About what’s coming? Let’s say we’re keeping our lips zipped until our grand opening. Just fantasize about what you’d love – and maybe your dreams will come true!


Hello – From TNS!

Welcome to our loyal customers – and any of you who are new to us!

We’re thrilled to welcome you to our new home on the web! It is our aim to make this site an ongoing source of information that will keep you informed on the products we source and stock for you and for your family’s health.

Please check out the various sections of our site, and while you’re here – please also sign up for our monthly newsletter  for the latest information on monthly features, seasonal information and new products.

And as always – welcome from your family – at TNS!