• Organic Produce

    Fresh. Bursting with flavour. Organic fruits and vegetables from organically practised local growers – for you!

  • Organic & Fresh Meats

    The delicious, healthy meats that graced our tables in the past…are back! Fresh meats available soon!

  • Organic Breads & Baking

    Tired of saying no to baked goodies? Now you don’t have to! Fresh breads – specialty grains or wheat. Your choice!

  • Gluten-Free Foods

    Gluten-free? Or limiting your gluten? Try our incredible variety of delicious GF foods. Suitable for both GF or celiac diets.

  • Organic Dairy & Alternatives

    Dairy – the way it used to taste. Along with fresh, delicious dairy alternatives. Many organic & hormone-free.

  • Pasta – Grain & Bean

    Organic wheat, as well as an abundance of delicious, alternative pastas. ‘Alternative’ never tasted so good!

  • Vegan

    Vegan foods in every area. Meat alternatives, fabulous products. Delicious. Try them all!

  • Reverse Osmosis Water

    Pure, clean water – the basis of all life. Fill your own, remineralize, & drink. Then watch your energy grow!

  • Sport Nutrition

    Sport Nutrition products – not just for male and female athletes. Ideal for the elderly, and many are safe for children!

  • Vitamins & Supplements

    Trusted companies, vegan brands, as well as Professional Lines. Your choice. TNS has it all for you!

  • Homeopathy

    The ancient wisdom in homeopathy draws millions around the world. Find what you need at TNS!

  • Organic Bulk Foods

    Get your groceries exactly the way YOU want them – in our well-stocked bulk food section!

  • Sprouting Supplies

    Your own fresh vegetables – year round. At a fraction of the cost. How can you NOT sprout?

  • Teas – Loose & Bagged

    A fabulous cup of tea can do wonders for your mood – and your health! Choose already prepared…or DIY!

  • Desserts

    Decadent desserts. Rich ice-creams. Doughnuts. Can they really be GF, sugar, vegan or organic? Oh, yeaahh.

  • Snacks

    The good stuff. Treats. Rewards! And all with their own unique nutritional profiles to boost your health!

  • Convenience Foods

    You’re rushed. Take out? Vitality robbing foods? Or TNS convenience foods that aid your health?

  • Infants

    The very best for your little one. Check out what we have for your favourite tiny human. Great, thoughtful gifts.

  • Personal Care

    Minimize the chemical load for your most precious possession – you! Only the cleanest product for your self-care.

  • Pets

    Are some members of your family of the four-legged variety? Give your fur-babies the very best!

  • Healthy Households

    Every small change is a step closer to a cleaner environment, better health and an improved future.

  • Lil Organic Kitchen

    Right beside TNS in Whitby, a pure food eatery that celebrates whole foods. We’re here. Come and check us out!

  • Local Companies

    We love Durham Region and our neighbours. We support health-conscious local companies. See who we partner with!

  • Aromatherapy, Candles, Mood

    Enhance your space with natural scents and decor to brighten your mood & relax your mind.